What is EGGS? 🥚

EGGS is an eggsperiment in decentralized finance.

The evil Egg Cartel are running rampage around the world stealing precious EGGS, and the only way to protec your EGGS is to lock them in special vaults. Each vault offers a different level of protection from the Cartel, and some even offer variable rewards for using them, so it is up to you which vault you think is best for you.

But ALWAYS remember: if you do not use any vaults, your precious EGGS will gradually debase from your wallet.

EGGS currently exist on two networks, each with their own vaults:

What consequences does the debase have?

Debase affects all EGGS in circulation, including the EGGS that are in each Liquidity Pool (LP), so if noone is buying or selling any EGGS, the number of EGGS in LP will decrease at the debase rate, and hence the value of the EGGS will increase.

If you understand this concept you have been egg-pilled.

How do we protec our EGGS?

You can protect your EGGS by locking them in one of the vaults: Full, Big or Smol.

The Full vault fully protects your EGGS from any debase, but requires a 7 day locking period. The Big and Smol vaults do not protect your EGGS from debase, but you will receive EGGS as a reward for using them, which can outweigh the debase rate, and they also have a shorter locking period of 1 day.

You can put more EGGS into a vault before the locking period ends, but this will reset the locking timer to it's original vaulue.

If you are using a vault that gives you EGGS rewards, you can claim or compound these rewards before the end of the locking period, but this will also reset the locking timer.

Once you reach the end of the locking period for a vault, you can withdraw your EGGS whenever you like. You do not need to re-lock the EGGS at the end of the locking period to keep them in the vault - they will remain in the vault until withdrawn.

The table below shows a comparison of each vault:

Vault NameLocking Period% of RewardsEggs will debase
Full7 dayNoneFalse
Big1 day90%True
Smol1 day10%True